Hidden Treasure Yurts

Here’s an old trip report from last season, Enjoy!

I didn’t get out too much during the early season this year; taking 18 credit hours didn’t really give me much time to do anything other than study. However, I slaved away knowing that my spring semester was going to be way better. The fun this season began right after finals with a trip to the Hidden Treasure Yurts in mid-December. Here’s a video: 

Here’s how my day went before the trip:

-Wake up at 7AM to return books/study

-Lunch break at 11AM to eat and grab a book for the trip

-Final exam at 1:30PM, then study for my next final

-Final exam at 4:30PM, then grab Go-Pro accessories from Casey

-Dinner at 6PM then grocery shopping for the trip at 7PM

-Food prep/sort until 9PM

-Pack my gear, charge cameras, and take care of last minute stuff until midnight

-Wake up at 4AM to eat breakfast and pick up Dave

-5:15AM rendezvous at the Brewing Market to caravan to the trailhead from there.

The terrain around the yurts is perfect for mid-winter riding, with ample glades and mellow runs surrounding the yurts. Fallen timbers and tree stumps scoured the slopes, creating a “pillow-land” for us to ride. Every night, our tracks from the previous day were covered with about 4” of new snow, with winds helping to fill in the rest.


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