4/10/2011: The Silver Couloir

Sunday 4/10/2011

Becca and I had been eyeing the Silver Couloir for the past few weeks, hoping to check off another classic descent. With snow in the forecast along with high winds, we took our time and arrived at the trailhead around 11AM. We were hoping that new snow would fall/transport onto the Silver to avoid an icy descent. We made our way to the summit pretty quickly and dropped into this.

silver couloir

Dropping another classic in blower was a treat, but we paid for it on the way out. We managed to turn a 4-hour day into an 8-hour day by missing the turnoff back to the trail. All the new snow had covered up any old tracks that led out and we made the mistake of following the aqueduct for quite some time, eventually realizing that we were not heading back to our car. Instead, we found ourselves in some gated community along HWY 9.

After slogging out of the neighborhood and along HWY 9, some guy pulls over and asks if we need a ride back to the trailhead. We gladly accepted and hopped in his truck, later finding out it was TGR Maggot Shredgnar. I got pretty confused when he offered us beers thinking that it should be the other way around. We shared stories and chatted for a good hour or so before it got completely dark. Its funny how things work out in the end. Thanks again for picking up the Miss and I, we definitely owe you a few cold ones.


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