New Year’s in the Desert || Part I: Biking in Utah

With no snow in the immediate forecast, Becca and I scratched our usual New Years ski trip plans and exchanged them for a trip to the desert. Sixty-five degrees and sunny sounded a lot better than the snowless December and early January we’ve had. After spending some time in Illinois with family, we booked it back across the plains for a quick stop home to pick up our gear before heading to Hurricane, Utah.

It was not only my first day back on a bike in several month, but Becca was also on a borrowed ride. Frank (her Surly Pugsly Fatbike) was getting new wheels built.

Day 1: Gooseberry Mesa (Big Loop + Hidden Canyon)

After grabbing breakfast and hitting up the local bike shop, Over the Edge, we headed to Gooseberry Mesa and started off with a classic ride. It didn’t take long for us to realize how the bike shop got it’s name.St. GeorgeGooseberry Gooseberry

Day 2: Wire Mesa (both ways) + The Whole Guacamole

Since we were already up there, we figured we might as well ride Wire Mesa. The trail is only 7 miles long, so we rode it in both directions.

In the afternoon, we drove over to Whole Guacamole. The trail skirts Zion National Park’s boundaries, so we had great views throughout the ride.

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