Angel's Landing

New Year’s In The Desert || Part II: Zion and More Riding

After two jam-packed days in St. George, we spent the third day exploring Zion National Park

Day 3: Zion Narrows + Angels Landing

The next day we entered the park at sunrise to avoid the delays. I brought along my fishing waders, so we wouldn’t have to rent dry suits. However, I didn’t really think about the footwear aspect of this. Becca ended up wearing my trail running shoes, while I struggled to get my Chacos on my feet. After an hour in the parking lot eating breakfast and getting ready, we were off.

Zion Narrows

Given the cold temperatures in the Narrows, we had the place mostly to ourselves. We saw a few other groups, but nowhere near the amount that this place probably sees in the summer.

Zion Narrows Zion Narrows Zion Narrows Zion Narrows

After hiking up as far as we could without swimming (this is where a dry suit would probably be handy), we headed to the Angel’s Landing for a sunset run up. We timed it just right as there were only a few other groups on the trail.

Angel's Landing Angel's Landing Angel's Landing Angel's Landing

Day 4: Barrel Roll + Suicidal Tendencies + Zen

If my legs weren’t tired on day three, they were defintely tired now.

Day 5: Lunch Loops (Gunny Loop + Ribbon)

My legs were absolutely hating me this day, but we figured we should break up the drive home. After a quick breakfast at the Trailhead,  we kept on pedaling and did the Gunny Loop with a road grind up to the top of the Ribbon Trail.  It was a great way to cap off a much needed trip!


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