For starters, we are Anthony and Becca – love birds, ski partners, and lifelong adventure buddies who enjoy a good craft beer.


And this is our adventure blog!  When we first met we were young little freshman attending CU Boulder.  Anthony fixed the flat tire on Becca’s bike and the rest is history.  We married at the ripe old age of 25 and are a young married couple trying to figure out this crazy thing called life together.


Our first date was a mountain bike ride and we have been adventuring in the mountains ever since.  We learned to snowboard together and eventually left the lifts behind in the search for powder.  Our love for snowboarding and the outdoors has taken us to some amazing places.


This blog is about our escapades backcountry splitboarding, mountain biking, climbing, and the occasional run, if Becca can convince Anthony!  Of course no adventure would be complete without our dog, Buster!


Becca, Anthony and Buster

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Climb Mountains. Go Fishing. Ride Bikes. Drink Beer. Repeat Often.