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100 Miles of Heaven and Hell (Part 2)

One more person to go and 3 minutes to the start….. I think I might be able to make it out of the bathroom line and have enough time to snap a quick photo with my adorable husband before the gun goes off.  A quick kiss and a photo later and I was off on the adventure of a lifetime!  The first 35 miles went by in the blink of an eye.  The race started with a 5,000 foot climb and then leveled off with rolling terrain on a ridgeline.  Did I mention that Wasatch Front has a total elevation gain of 27,000 feet?  That’s almost the equivalent of hiking Mount Everest from sea level! Continue reading 100 Miles of Heaven and Hell (Part 2)

100 Miles of Heaven and Hell (Part 1)

One-hundred miles.  As my friend Byron liked to repeatedly point out, that’s like running from Boulder to Colorado Springs.  I’m not sure what inspired me to give running 100 miles a go, but when Anthony decided to go back to school, I decided it was perfect time to go for it!  It is still mind blowing to me, that so many people want to run 100 miles that most of these races have a lottery.  So in December, I threw my name in the hat for the Wasatch Front and crossed my fingers.  Nine months and 1,873 miles later, I found myself waiting in line for the bathroom about to miss the start of the hardest race of my life.  Continue reading 100 Miles of Heaven and Hell (Part 1)

Sapporo Brewing, Snow Festival and Ramen!

When we first started planning our trip to Japan, I noticed that it lined up with the Sapporo Snow and Ice Festival. The festival is arguably one of the best in Japan and draws more than two million visitors, so naturally we had to check it out! After a day of skiing the legendary Japanese powder we headed to Sapporo, Japan’s fifth largest city. Continue reading Sapporo Brewing, Snow Festival and Ramen!