4/11/2011: Dead Elk Couloir, RMNP

Here’s another trip report from last spring, Enjoy!

Monday 4/11/2011

Sinus issues have been slowing the Miss down the past few days, so she decided to stay back and rest while my roommate Kyle and I went up to RMNP to bag another line. Winds were much higher than forecasted and our original goal of the Notch Couloir didn’t look like too much fun since we would be at the mercy of the winds for a long time. We decided to go for option #2 and drop into Dead Elk Couloir, another line on my to-do list that I had been scoping for a while. We chose this because we would avoid the hike all the way around divide and I thought it would be a little more protected from winds, allowing the snow to soften up. We droppen in and rode to the downclimb, and found icy conditions as well as the winds ripping thru the choke. Not exactly what I was expecting. We slowly worked our way thru, being cautious of the ice and loose rock, and worked together to get our gear down each section. Continue reading 4/11/2011: Dead Elk Couloir, RMNP

4/10/2011: The Silver Couloir

Sunday 4/10/2011

Becca and I had been eyeing the Silver Couloir for the past few weeks, hoping to check off another classic descent. With snow in the forecast along with high winds, we took our time and arrived at the trailhead around 11AM. We were hoping that new snow would fall/transport onto the Silver to avoid an icy descent. We made our way to the summit pretty quickly and dropped into this. Continue reading 4/10/2011: The Silver Couloir

Last Season’s Trip to Elko, NV and Jackson, WY

Here’s another trip report from last season, Enjoy!

After an eight-hour drive from Boulder to Jackson, we met up with our friend Aaron to discuss some options/ideas for the week ahead of us. It didn’t take long for us to decide to hop right back in the car the next day and drive to Elko, NV. So after a morning lap on Glory and another eight hours in the car, we were in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada aiming to ski one of the most aesthetic couloirs I’ve seen, Terminal Cancer… Continue reading Last Season’s Trip to Elko, NV and Jackson, WY

Hidden Treasure Yurts

Here’s an old trip report from last season, Enjoy!

I didn’t get out too much during the early season this year; taking 18 credit hours didn’t really give me much time to do anything other than study. However, I slaved away knowing that my spring semester was going to be way better. The fun this season began right after finals with a trip to the Hidden Treasure Yurts in mid-December. Here’s a video: 

Continue reading Hidden Treasure Yurts

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