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South Teton, GTNP – February 2015

Becca and I loaded up my truck on Friday the 13th and hit the road north to Jackson, WY to visit our buddy Aaron and get on some bigger lines to prepare for a trip later this spring. Big mountains with lots of vert to climb/ride make the Tetons the perfect training ground for bigger trips. Continue reading South Teton, GTNP – February 2015

Elevator Shaft – January 2015

After two weeks of high pressure, Eric Thomson and I decided it was time for our first big line of the year. Rocky Mountain National Park hadn’t seen any significant storms in weeks and down in Boulder it felt like early Spring. The previous weekend we were mountain biking in 70 degree weather. Apparently, Mother Nature decided to send all the powder to Japan or the Northeast this month leaving the West high and dry, but it could always be worse. Continue reading Elevator Shaft – January 2015

Finally Some Decent Riding!

Overall, this winter hasn’t been anything to write home about. Persistent deep slab instabilities (reports of large, destructive  avalanches have been reported daily for the last two month)  have been plaguing our state’s snowpack, keeping everyone in check and making conservative terrain choices. But the good news is that there’s always some safe slopes to be ridden and always some friends to enjoy them with. Continue reading Finally Some Decent Riding!

April 12-15: Moab, UT

Tuesday at work I get an email from my buddy Luke, one of the graphic designers at the Brewers Association.

“I know it is super late notice, but a good friend & I are ripping Moab Thursday night – Sunday (taking off Friday — home by dinner time Sunday). Love to have you come with as the third if you could swing it. Doing the Whole Enchilada on Sat for sure .. Not sure about the rest of the time.  Buddy has a camper we are heading down in.” Continue reading April 12-15: Moab, UT