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Elevator Shaft – January 2015

After two weeks of high pressure, Eric Thomson and I decided it was time for our first big line of the year. Rocky Mountain National Park hadn’t seen any significant storms in weeks and down in Boulder it felt like early Spring. The previous weekend we were mountain biking in 70 degree weather. Apparently, Mother Nature decided to send all the powder to Japan or the Northeast this month leaving the West high and dry, but it could always be worse. Continue reading Elevator Shaft – January 2015

So It’s Been A While…

Since my last post about my trip to Moab, I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy. It wasn’t until last week that I noticed months had gone by without an update on my site.

I’m still on track with training for the Devil’s Mountain 50 Mile race and have been relatively injury free during training. Between the intense summer heat, Colorado wildfires, and general feeling of 24/7 exhaustion, there has been many days where finding the motivation to run has been tough. I’ve been on the verge of quitting many times, but have managed to pull myself back together. With one month of training left, I’m still running. Bec and I have had the opportunity to check out some amazing places on our runs, so here’s a brief summary of what’s gone down since May. Continue reading So It’s Been A While…

4/11/2011: Dead Elk Couloir, RMNP

Here’s another trip report from last spring, Enjoy!

Monday 4/11/2011

Sinus issues have been slowing the Miss down the past few days, so she decided to stay back and rest while my roommate Kyle and I went up to RMNP to bag another line. Winds were much higher than forecasted and our original goal of the Notch Couloir didn’t look like too much fun since we would be at the mercy of the winds for a long time. We decided to go for option #2 and drop into Dead Elk Couloir, another line on my to-do list that I had been scoping for a while. We chose this because we would avoid the hike all the way around divide and I thought it would be a little more protected from winds, allowing the snow to soften up. We droppen in and rode to the downclimb, and found icy conditions as well as the winds ripping thru the choke. Not exactly what I was expecting. We slowly worked our way thru, being cautious of the ice and loose rock, and worked together to get our gear down each section. Continue reading 4/11/2011: Dead Elk Couloir, RMNP